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My name is Eddie Evans and I do blood cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Of course I also do decomposition and other types of infectious waste cleanup.

I charge fair and reasonable prices and I do my own work; I own my own company, Biosafe, and have been in the blood cleanup business for 17 years. I am licensed, bonded, and insured.

If you care to use your homeowner's insurance, that's fine. I ask for a down payment which is later applied to your insurance deductable. I accept cash and can accept credit and debit cards via PayPal. Then I give a 30 day payment period. I would offer the same payment options to individuals in households and small businesses, but this practice has not worked well in the past. Still, I can make arrangements

My California blood cleanup services come to you without county coroner connections. This means that you pay less since I do not pay them a 10% finders fee. My competitors pay this fee and in doing so promote the county government monoply over blood cleanup.

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Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup for homicide, suicide, and unattended death. Covering all of Los Angeles every day, every hour. Call for a telephone quote.

Biohazard cleanup activities remove, alter, dilute, flush, and destroy biohazards. Blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) contain infectious waste. Blood cleanup is the same in Caslifornia and everywhere else, get rid of it. When wet, moist, or dried in flakes, blood we consider blood as Biohazardous waste. Produced as a result of human activities, we expect to encounter biohazardous waste on all violent crime scenes, violent suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition. Of course trauma cleanup includes the same.

Biohazards may be infectious such as blood or other fluids in the body.

Biohazardous waste can also act as a carrier of infectious diseases from exposure. Exposure may take place by inhaling, swollowing, eye contact, injection, and open wounds.

Homicide, suicide, and unattended death scenes all carry a risk of biohazard exposure. Biohazard cleanup technicians must take great care from infectious wastes of other sorts too.

Once the dangers of the biohazardous waste were identified, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put forth certain regulations for the waste disposal. Biohazardous Waste Disposal Regulations in the U.S. vary from state to state. The regulations have helped to establish penalties for mismanagement of the biohazardous waste and also established record-keeping requirements.

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Recovering Biohazardous Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Resource Recovery Act. Many states have adopted this act to regulate the handling and disposal of biohazardous materials. The EPA calls biohazardous waste a "medical waste." Different states have different approaches to this terminology. They tend to conform to one another as time passes.

What all states recognize for certain involves infectious waste handled as medical waste or otherwise. Some types of medical waste require a special handling stream for burning, burial, or other form of destruction. Some types of medical waste become solid waste for solid waste disposal. "Biowaste" may serve as a useful term is the disposal of once blood soiled materials.

Public schools and corporate buildings handle large qantities of "biowaste" as a result of the large stream of female napkin disposal needs. It's a matter of semantics and being pragmatic in these cases.

Biohazardous waste includes many chemotherapy drugs and formaldehyde. Medical activities or laboratory activities creatiing medical waste must track their waste from cradel to grave while keeping track of the regulations.

On my Biohazards Explained page I return to these ideas with a wider descrtription of biohazards.

California Counties Explained in Brief

California has 58 counties and I service always counties depending upon the size of the blood cleanup job involved. Most Southern California counties receive my blood cleanup services at my reduced fee for small cleaning task. I cannot offer this minimum service fee for blood cleanup above Ventura County.

Just the same, I do offer prices for blood cleanup will below my competitors in Northern California and central California.

As early as February 18, 1850, the state of California was divided into 27 counties. Over the years these counties were subdivided to form 16 additional counties. So by the time of the Civil War, 1860, the county was ready for an additional 14 counties and these were formed by subdivisions between 1861 to 1893.

In Southern California the County of San Bernardino claims the title of largest county in the United States. And then we have Los Angeles County as the most populous county in the United States. So there's a lot going on in Southern California as far as population density and as well as one of the least dense populated counties in the United States.

Imperial County became our most recent addition to our list of counties and that occurred in 1907. Well over 100 years ago then.

For purposes of considering time and distance to my blood cleanup side, I must always consider my residence on the border of Los Angeles and Orange counties. I am about 1 mile from the County of Los Angeles. This is about as ideal a location as I can find for my blood cleanup business. At one time I cleaned as far as Siskiyou County on the border war again. But because of the distance I can only consider cleaning and Siskiyou County and its neighboring counties when the job is large enough to justify the drive.

Fresno County -

- - Even though Riverside County is farther from my home in orange county, I do offer the same prices for the two as well as for other California counties is found here. San Diego County - San Bernardino County

Orange County - Orange County unattended death cleanup pdf.

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Prices - $350 - $950 (in many cases)

On the telephone I will quote my service charge, which is $350; usually this applies to minor blood cleanup tasks within 50 miles my residence. Only for infectious waste cleanup do I charge less. Sometimes I can travel farther than 50 miles for my $350 service fee depending on circumstances and conditions. I quoted not to exceed price and rarely does it go over $950. When it does go over $950 it's because it homicide or suicide has occurred involving a large caliber weapon.

It is rare that I need to exceed my not – two – exceed price.

So what could happen to cause a price increase over $950? Often times family members were a responsible party really has little idea of what they're looking at. It is enough for them to see horrific deaths and the signs of great trauma to the human body. They don't know where look, for example. Likewise with unattended death cleanup needs. Body fluids migrate and they do not always migrate people are looking. Again, though, it is rare when I need to exceed my not to exceed price.

Here is an example. An unattended death cleanup will raise my prices depending on a number of factors:

  1. A decedent (person passed away) remains "down" for days or even weeks in a warm environment.
  2. As a result significant decomposition occurs. A cleanup that involves a standard size mattress cost much less than a cleanup for a queen size mattress and still much less than for a king size mattress. In the case of a king size mattress, if the mattresses on a second floor and a house, price will be more than if it's in a house on the first floor. Likewise, if on the second or third floor or higher in an apartment building, motel, or hotel, then the price will be higher than if on the first floor.
  3. Size does matter of course and length of time "down" because the price to bury. Why so? Because I must reduce the biohazardous materials that have leaked and migrated throughout the mattress. I must also remove these fluids from the box springs in most cases as well as a carpet, carpet padding, and the floor below.
  4. This all takes time and requires additional travel time and expense. Because of my policies I must remove these materials from the premises after they had been reduced of their soiled biohazard material and place them in a local landfill.
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If you called around the Internet for blood cleanup services you know that my prices are "low."

Here's why:

One, I work alone and therefore have no employees to pay. I have no employees workers compensation to. I have no employees Social Security insurance or medical insurance to pay. Likewise, I have no employees vacation. To cover. Needless to say I do not need to have extra vehicles and other overhead created by having blood cleanup practitioner employees today.

The second reason for my lower blood cleanup fees is that I do not need to pay 10% kickback to county employees. You see, and you may suspect this, if a County employee like a corners investigator handed you one, two, or even three telephone numbers to call because "these are good cleaning companies," understand that this town employee expects to receive a 10% kickback for whatever feelings you pay to a blood cleanup company referred you.

This is called "cronyism" and reflects the same type of business done in our nation's Washington DC capital, which is often referred to as the "swamp." There we have multibillion-dollar contracts entered into by the US government at the behest of politicians doing business with corporations and lobbyists. It's no different at the county level in the corners department. I've been in the business 17 years and this is out works almost nationwide. In fact, if I could find a County United States did not have this arrangement with their corner medical examiner department, I would most certainly consider moving there quickly.

I have cleaned in 24 states over the last 17 years to stay in business. Granted, I looked at these blood cleanup opportunities as an excuse to travel our great nation. I've seen many great things as I've traveled. I've also worked very hard at blood cleanup while exhausted from my travels. Would you believe it one time I used to be able to fly from Long Beach international Airport in Long Beach California? It's true.

My wife used to drop me off at the airport and I would fly to Butte Montana, Atlanta Georgia, Dulles international Airport in Washington DC and other airports. From there I would rent vehicles and drive to the city in which I needed the claim. There I often would rent a U-Haul pickup truck to use for cleaning materials all in off blood cleanup treated mattresses, carpets, and various furnishings. I learned to use bleach as a disinfectant and applied other proprietary disinfecting methods to swirl materials.

This all landed about 10 years ago. It was no longer possible to travel because corners employees throughout the nation learned that they were leaving a "golden opportunity" at homes where homicides, suicides, unattended death's occurred. I simply handed a telephone number to family member and saying something like the following they would receive and to receive 10% kickback:

I'm not supposed to do this, but here's a few telephone numbers for blood cleanup companies that do a terrific job do not charge much.

Because of this cronyism families in need of blood cleanup services do not receive the best price for the best service. I cannot claim to out clean my competitors. I do not know how well the claim. Important object is to remove blood swirl materials and the claim by scrubbing, rinsing, and disinfectant repeatedly. So I clean for the toddler service.. By doing so I keep in mind that at any moment after cleaning a toddler cantering room and placed her hands on the surface that had been soiled by human blood. For this reason I use over-the-counter cleaning products because I did my clientele to understand they can find the same products if the cured research the hazards involved with such chemicals.

Some cleaning chemicals are hazardous not fully diluted and removed from the blood cleanup soon. Hence, I use over-the-counter products and usually I buy these at Home Depot around the nation.

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